Vodokanal’s benchmarking activities highly appreciated by international experts


Vodokanal received a 2-Star Certificate from the EBC (European Benchmarking Co-Operation) Foundation for its active participation in the international benchmarking studies organized by EBC, effective knowledge exchange, and implementation of best practices and innovations.

Vodokanal has participated in the EBC benchmarking programme since 2014. Every year, this project brings together as many as fifty water companies that provide services to more than one hundred million people in twenty countries. The main objective of the project is to compare and evaluate performance indicators of the companies, identify areas for improvement at each company, and search for appropriate best practices that have been successfully implemented by their peers. Moreover, the project offers a modern platform for companies to share experience and success stories in a continuous improvement process. A specific feature of EBC is a uniform framework for the collection of baseline data and calculation of indicators based on the International Water Association (IWA) standards.

Having participated in the international EBC programme for five years, Vodokanal is able to identify the weak spots to be upgraded, learn about successful projects of other organizations and start systematic implementation of measures to improve the company operations. The results of the comparison and evaluation of indicators, and recommendations for improvement of operations are taken into account when updating technical inspection reports on centralized water systems and preparing proposals for updating the corporate development strategy and the water supply and sewerage scheme in St. Petersburg.

Moreover, Vodokanal specialists are involved in improving the indicator calculation and evaluation methodology, and actively contribute to the translation of the list of variables and indicators into Russian and to the adaptation of the calculation methodology for the Russian conditions. Thanks to that, a wide range of water companies in Russia and the CIS countries will be able to participate in international studies, obtain information on the sector leaders, and improve the quality of water services.


Benchmarking is a continuous cyclical process: from comparing the company performance indicators to the actual results, i.e. improved quality of services and better production efficiency.

The EBC Foundation has organized annual international studies for water companies since 2007. Currently, two Russian companies: SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" and Mosvodokanal JSC, participate in the programmes.

The EBC Foundation awards participants of the studies with 1-Star, 2-Star or 3-Star Certificates depending on the duration of participation and diligence.