Vodokanal St.Petersburg confirmed its compliance with international standards


On Friday, 31 October, inspection of management systems implemented in Vodokanal St.Petersburg was completed. The audit was performed by two independent companies - Certification Association “Russian Register” and international company “Sai Global Limited”; and its results were summarized in the conference hall “Congress” at 56, Shpalernaya St.

In the course of the inspection carried out on 27 - 31 October, the audit working group visited Vodokanal’s facilities and departments.  The auditors inspected the following sites:  Transportation and Logistics Brach, Information and Training Centre Branch, Medical Center Branch, IT and Communications Department of Engineering and Innovation Center Branch, Natural Resources Department, Management Quality Bureau, Occupational Health and Safety Division, Emergency Response Center and “Hot Line”, Personnel Department of the Administration, and some production departments of Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal Directorates. Besides, the auditors had conversations with the Company’s top management.  

The Quality Management System (QMS) and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System (OHSAS) underwent recertification audit for compliance with the international standards    MS ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007. The Environmental Management System and Information Security Management System underwent audit for compliance with MS ISO 14001:2004 and MS ISO 27001:2005.

The inspection determined that the existing Vodokanal management systems fully comply with the international standards ISO, thus confirming the validity of ISO certificates issued to the Company.  

While summarizing the inspection findings, the auditors marked the high level of expertise of Vodokanal personnel.   In the course of the audit, the inspectors became convinced that the personnel was familiar with the Company mission, values and policy.  According to the auditors, this “testifies to the fact that it is not only the managers that understand the importance of implementing the integrated managements systems at Vodokanal, but all the Company employees at large.”   

At the closing meeting, Vodokanal Director General Felix V.Karmazinov thanked the auditors for the performed work and said that all remarks, verbal requests and advice of the auditors would be taken into account.    

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