Vodokanal specialists will gain international experience in wastewater treatment


On 25-26 October, SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” will host an international seminar focusing on the world experience in technological and economic optimization of wastewater treatment. The seminar will be attended by Vodokanal managers and specialists, the Russian Water and Wastewater Association, representatives of the city executive authorities, scientific institutions, Russian and foreign water companies.

The participants will cover various aspects of wastewater treatment (including industrial wastewater treatment). The topics of the reports will be as follows:  biological treatment of wastewater, choice of the best available technology; wastewater and sludge in the food and beverage sector; wastewater treatment for metals industry, installations and treatment of combined sewer overflow, run-off treatment; technologies for phosphorus recovery from wastewater sludge and ash formed during sludge incineration, and others.

The issues of state regulation of water and nature use on the territory of St.Petersburg will also be highlighted at the seminar. 

The organizers of the seminar are Vodokanal St.Petersburg and French company Veolia.

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