Vodokanal specialists visited the International Trade Fair IFAT-2016 in Munich


As part of the negotiations with the biggest manufactures of equipment and materials, a working meeting with the representatives of the German company took place. 

November 2016 will mark the 10th anniversary of the cooperation between Vodokanal and German manufactures of decanter centrifuges for wastewater sludge. “Vodokanal was our first partner among the Russian water companies. During these 10 years, we did our best to keep our reputation as a diligent manufacturer as we understand that St.Petersburg Vodokanal’s recommendations are the best instruments to promote our products among water companies of Russia, - Fritz Colesan, Company President said. 

At the meeting with German partners, Felix V.Karmazinov, Director General of St.Petersburg Vodokanal thanked the company managers for the professional and diligent work and proposed to conduct a joint meeting dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the cooperation at the premises of Vodokanal.   

It should be mentioned that   Flottweg Decanter centrifuges dewater all wastewater sludge of the wastewater treatment plants. 

IFAT is an international fair trade conducted once every two years in Munich starting from    1966. The key sectors of the exhibition are water resources, water and wastewater treatment, water and sewerage pipes, instrumentation and laboratory equipment, sewer inspection, pumps, etc.  

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