Vodokanal specialists participate in Ecology Forum in Moscow


On 22-23 March, Moscow hosted IX International Ecology Forum – one of the leading public platforms setting guidelines for the governmental environment protection policy.

Water pollution was one of the key issues discussed at the Forum. A.E. Dudareva, Chairman of the Russian Public Chamber’s Commission for Ecology and Environment Protection, said that, now, prices for bottled water in Russian shops are comparable with petrol prices, and it is a good example of proper attitude to this product. Nevertheless, we economize on petrol but, generally, do not bother to save water.

At the plenary session, A.E. Dudareva pointed out that 30 % of the Volga water is sewage. “We must find a mechanism to reduce discharge into the Volga and decide what should be done to save it. Such mechanisms do exist nowadays. There are delegates from Vodokanal St. Petersburg among the audience. They succeeded in implementing treatment solutions not to pollute the Neva, after all. So, there are ways to protect. Therefore, we should learn their experience and share it with other regions”.


I.V. Alexeyeva, Deputy Director of Technology Development and Environment Protection Department at Vodokanal, participated in the working session of the Forum dedicated to “challenging environmental technologies for the water sector”. She used the example of Vodokanal’s South-West WWTP to narrate about practical assessment of treatment plants’ compliance with Best Available Technologies.

M.V. Gassiy, Vice-President and Legal Counsel of Vodokanal, made a presentation at the session “Burning issues of the water sector: delineation of liability for negative impact on the environment”. She told about the management of liability risks in relation to negative impact on the environment in the sphere of wastewater disposal, under the updated sectoral and environmental laws.

T.P. Polischuk, Chief of Career Guidance and Awareness-Building Unit at Vodokanal’s Information and Training Centre, participated in the session “Environmental education and eco-volunteering: a way to harmonize relations between the society and the nature” where she presented the company contribution to environmental education of children. She emphasized that involvement of all society is required to ensure a safe environment: businesses, public organizations and special-purpose cultural institutions should play an active role.

At the session “Challenging environmental technologies for the water sector”. V.F. Selitskiy, chief specialist for engineering solutions, Technology Development and Environment Protection Department at Vodokanal, described how Vodokanal implements the import substitution policy and told about the demand for water companies’ products and requirements to procurement.

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