Vodokanal participates in the International Real Estate Show - MIPIM 2016


St. Petersburg Water Cluster will become an efficient tool for implementation of new municipal service projects.

Engineering infrastructure, including water and sewage systems as its integral part, forms the basis for the city development.  At MIPIM Exhibition, Vodokanal will be presented within the Development and Engineering Infrastructure topic.   

Those projects, which have been recently implemented in our city and could be mention today as a success story, facilitated the enhancement of St. Petersburg investment attractiveness. They not only gave an opportunity to develop city territories, but also assisted in establishing the image of St. Petersburg as an environmentally responsible city.

In particular, in the course of the Development and Engineering Infrastructure panel session Vodokanal experts will present the information about the following implemented projects: the Northern Tunnel Collector, South-West Wastewater Treatment Plant, upgrading of wastewater treatment plants in St. Petersburg. For instance, upon the completion of the largest environmental project on the construction of the Northern Tunnel Collector, which involved also foreign partners, Vodokanal closed 76 untreated wastewater discharges and stopped discharging without treatment about 122 million cubic meters of wastewater per year.  As a result of all these projects, none of foreign partners refer to St. Petersburg as the Baltic Sea polluter. To the contrary, St. Petersburg is considered as an example of a city which achieved a success in implementing the complicated environmental projects within a very short-term.

Vodokanal will present at MIPIM Exhibition not only successful projects. St. Petersburg Water Cluster is destined to become a tool for implementation of new municipal (primarily, water sector related) projects.

The activities of St. Petersburg Water Cluster will embrace not only St. Petersburg, but also the North-West Region and the all-Russian Federation. On a long-tern horizon, some projects of St. Petersburg Water Cluster may have an export potential. Main objective of St. Petersburg is to create conditions for accelerated development and implementation of new technologies in water supply and wastewater disposal.

The Cluster comprises three segments: the technological segment (the engineering and consulting centers to prepare the Cluster projects for industrial and commercial application); the educational segment (Water Academy) specializes in the training and re-training of water professionals,  giving practical and working knowledge; the industrial segment (production companies – the Cluster residents).

The Cluster Managing Company coordinates the activities of the Cluster segments to increase the efficiency of Cluster residents and water supply and wastewater disposal sector.

Within the MIPIM business program, Vodokanal representatives will take part in the panel discussion “Investments into innovative economic sectors” on the 16th March. The presentation will be devoted to economic and investment attractiveness of innovative projects in the context of the establishment and development of the Water Cluster in St. Petersburg.  

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