Vodokanal participates in All-Russian Water Congress


This week, Moscow hosted II All-Russian Water Congress “Russia at the Global Water Market: Competitive Edge, Competences, Innovations”. Vodokanal specialists together with their colleagues from the Water Cluster and Water Academy participated in the business program, shared experience and discussed hot issues.

In addition to plenary sessions, the business program envisaged 30 thematic sessions. During a joint discussion with Rospotrebnadzor, E.D. Nefedova, manager of the inter-sector resource modeling, Vodokanal, came with a proposal to develop industrial control of drinking water quality. She pointed out that it was necessary to amend by-laws of the sector-specific legislation, namely, to permit online instrumental monitoring. Furthermore, Vodokanal specialists made presentations on assessing the compliance of the city’s treatment plants with Best Available Technologies, environmental insurance in the sphere of water management, etc.

This year, the hot-button issue was technical and digital modernization of the Russian water sector and all water management spheres in consideration of modern environmental challenges, demand for new technologies and management / financing models. The plenary session was attended by Nikolai Fedorov, First Vice-Chairman of the Federation Council, Sergey Ivanov, Special Representative of the Russian President for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport, Plenipotentiary of the Russian President, and deputies of federal and regional authorities, business and expert community.

All speakers have pointed out that the new May Decree of the Russian President gives a high status to water management issues. The Government is assigned the task to update, by 1 October 2018, national projects and programs including those related to environmental matters. The main goals are: to improve the quality of drinking water for consumers, to improve the ecological status of water bodies, including the Volga, and to preserve unique ecosystems, such as Lakes Teletskoye and Baikal.

The Congress program encompassed IV All-Russian Congress of Water Companies dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and technical upgrading of water systems using advanced national solutions, as required by the May Decrees of the Russian President.

On the closing day of the Congress, the participants were officially awarded diplomas, and the fact that the Water Cluster’s booth was acknowledged as the best piece of exhibition came as a pleasant surprise. At the ceremony, Vodokanal was awarded by, and received a commemorative diploma from, Vernadskiy Ecological Foundation for organizing and implementing the All-Russian “Green Spring” Environmental Cleanup Day and for its initiative and significant contribution to environmental protection efforts.

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