Vodokanal describes cooperation with NDEP to its Belarusian colleagues


On 8 and 9 June Vodokanal held several meetings with representatives of Belarusian Ministries and water companies. The visit of Belarusian delegation was organized in the framework of Vodokanal – NDEP (Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership) cooperation.

Management and cooperation under mixed-finance projects were discussed at the seminar conducted at Vodokanal’s Information and Training Centre on 8 June. Vodokanal specialists told about the investment projects financed with loans provided by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Nordic Investment Bank, NDEP grants, and bilateral Swedish and Finnish grants. Interaction between Vodokanal and industrial enterprises excited interest among the participants. Issues, such as tariff setting mechanisms and the building of relations with the municipal authorities were also touched at the seminar. The Director General of LLC Ecovod Esa Ovaskainen commented on the importance of corporate development planning. The meeting was finalized by a presentation of Vodokanal’s professional training system and the awareness-building activities implemented at the company.

On Tuesday, 9 June, collaborative work with the Belarusian colleagues continued. On that day, the specialists discussed applications for tax exemption in Russia, and special features of international and local tender procedures. The guests wanted to know how Vodokanal organizes its customer service and collection of payments.

The visit of the Belarusian delegation to Vodokanal will be wound up tomorrow, 10 June. The guests will be taken to Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant where Vodokanal will share its experience in wastewater treatment.  

SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” has been successfully cooperating with the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership since 2001. First of all, we shall mention the projects of the construction of South-West WWTP, sludge incineration plants, Northern Tunnel Collector and the reconstruction of Northern WWTP. Today, 98.5% of wastewater is treated in St.Petersburg. Since 2011, Vodokanal has been fully complying with HELCOM recommendations:   phosphorus concentration in the effluent does not exceed 0.5 mg/l; nitrogen concentration does not exceed 10 mg/l. In 2014, works on the modernization of small wastewater treatment plants (located in the towns of Kronstadt, Kolpino and Pontonny) were conducted.

The Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership  is an international organization which coordinates efforts of the European Commission, partner countries (Russia, France, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Finland, UK, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Belarus) and international financial institutions (the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Nordic Investment Bank, European Investment Bank,  Nordic Environment Finance Corporation and World Bank).   Among the issues under NDEP consideration are water resources condition, wastewater treatment, nuclear waste utilization. NDEP creates conditions for raising of funds for implementation of priority environmental projects. 

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