“The Universe of Water” invites you to “The Gulf of Finland Night”


Museum complex “The Universe of Water” (56, Shpalernaya St.) will take part in the international event “Museums at Night 2014”. The nighttime program will start on Saturday, May 17, at 6 p.m. and will be over on Sunday, May 18, at 6 a.m. 

A special nighttime program of the Water Museum is dedicated to the Gulf of Finland Year. Its duration is 35 minutes. Visitors will learn about interesting facts associated with water and water-related traditions and holidays, about the life of the Baltic ringed seals, and about the way Vodokanal St.Petersburg takes care of the Gulf of Finland water area. According to tradition, guests will take a visit to the water tower and see the exhibits of “the Underground World of St.Petersburg” and “The Universe of Water”.

This year, the common topic of the event “Museums at Night 2014” is Light and Color. Midnight guests will get a lot of “colored” impressions in 56, Shpalernaya St. They will be told about where “colored” names of rivers and seas derived from, what color of water and different color of ice depend on; how the water tower and main waterworks  changed their color for the purposes of protection and  camouflage during the war… The program participants will witness fascinating tests with water and will be able to take part in the tests themselves. For example, water will change its color, turn into a cloud and bubble. 

During the tour to the exhibition halls, night visitors will get an insight about the color of properly treated water, make guesses about water depending on its changing color and about where its samples were taken from (a bog, river, sea, water pipeline). Moreover, the visitors will be encouraged to examine the art reproductions of the marine painters and try to see the details of picturing water objects at different intensity of light, in different seasons and at different time of day. The tour to the Water Museum at that night will end with analyzing the rainbow which can be seen in a water drop. 

Usually, there are a lot of people to participate in the event “Museums at Night” in 56, Shpalernaya St. Gusts will not be bored while standing in a queue. A folk music group “Koleso” will entertain them. The Museum workers together with the artists will carry on a special program “The Baltic Palette” dedicated to the Gulf of Finland Year, at the entrance to the tower.  The museum visitors will learn about traditions of the neighboring countries which celebrate the Gulf of Finland Year – Russia, Finland and Estonia. The artists will show how to sing and behave as a Russian, Finn and Estonian, how to wear national costumes; they will tell you what colors were used in the costumes of these nations.   

Besides, at this night, the event participants will be able to get new gustatory sensations.  The visitors will be offered not only traditionally tasty sandwiches and pies in the café located in the museum, but also national dishes of Finland and Estonia.

In 2013, around 8,000 people participated in the event “Museums at Night” in 56, Shpalernaya St.


Museum complex “The Universe of Water”:

Address: 56, Shpalernaya St. (metro station “Chernyshevskaya”)  

Phone: +7 812 438-43-75, +7 812 275-43-25, +7 812 438-43-01

You may visit the Museum in 56, Shpalernaya St. by using either a single ticket for the event or a ticket for the Museum of Water only (ticket price for the museum - 100 roubles for adults; special price - 50 roubles).

100 visitors are invited every 7 minutes.

Duration of the program “The Gulf of Finland Night” is 35 minutes.

Beginning – May 17 at 6 p.m.



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