The Gulf of Finland – Area of Cooperation festival has finished in St. Petersburg


The citywide festival “The Gulf of Finland – Area of Cooperation” was held in Petersburg on 19-20 September in the framework of the Gulf of Finland Year.

On Saturday, September 20, the folklore programme “Window to Europe” was held at the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The costumed characters of the Peter’s time welcomed the guests near Johannes ravelin. Then, creative teams represented Russian, Finnish and Estonian folk songs and dances in several venues. The master classes provided opportunity to get familiar with art and crafts of Finno-Ugric people. For example, one had a chance to make a protective amulet by oneself. The amulets were usually made as dolls without faces. The traveling forge, weapons of ancient warriors, the Scandinavian game “Cube” were popular among both children and adults.   

The Chairman of the Finnish Public Council for the Gulf of Finland Year Matti Vanhanen, who visited the festival, called it the crown of the Gulf of Finland Year and also mentioned that the state of the Gulf of Finland became much better, especially in its eastern part, after St. Petersburg had taken measures to treat wastewater properly.

The march parade of brass bands of the St. Petersburg military garrison was held on Dvortsovaya Embankment. Six military bands marched from the Field of Mars to the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. On the spit of Vasilievsky Island, the celebration programme “Music waves of the Gulf of Finland” took place. The concert was attended by the orchestras of the Naval Academy, the Leningrad Naval Base, the Headquarters of the Western Military District, People's Artist of Russia Vasily Gerello, as well as the representatives of the creative team SPB GBUK “Petersburg – Concert”: Honored Artists of Russia - Marina Tskhai, Sergey Rogozhin, Ivan Besedin, singer Vadim Azarh, state dance ensemble “Barynya” and others.

The festival “the Gulf of Finland - Area of Cooperation” ended with the water-sports show on the Neva River. Yachts, aquabikes and a duet of flayboardists, who surprised the audiences with their skills and courage showing amazing tricks on the water, participated in the show. 

The festival is over but “The Sea Nearby” exhibition as part of it will be open in the Water Museum up to 19 October. 27 paintings, dedicated to the historical events which occurred in the Gulf of Finland, as well as six models of ships made in the XVIII, XIX and XX centuries are presented at the exhibition of works of art from the Central Naval Museum.


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The museum is open: every day  10.00-19.00. Closed  - Monday and Tuesday.


It will be remembered that by the decision of three countries - Russia, Finland and Estonia  2014 was declared the Gulf of Finland Year. On 19 September, the first day of the festival the Formal Meeting of Public Councils of Russia, Finland and Estonia on the project of the tripartite cooperation “The Gulf of Finland Year 2014” was held. At the end of the meeting students from Russia, Finland and Estonia announced the Youth Declaration on the protection of the Gulf of Finland and handed it to official representatives of the three countries – Acting Governor G.S. Poltavchenko, Chairperson of the Public Council of Finland for the Gulf of Finland Year M. Vanhanen, Vice-President of the Estonian Society for Nature Conservation Y. Telgmaa.


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