Ten Vodokanalers hit the construction sector’s Best Workers List following the Stroymaster 2020 Competition


The award ceremony of the regional Stroymaster 2020 Professional Skills Competition took place in the Palace of Labor Grand Duke's living room on 10 December, with ten Vodokanal employees among the winners. This year, the organizers also gave awards to the sector’s veterans and members of the best labor dynasties alongside with top workers.

The competition lasted from October 15 to November 25. After the shortlisting, the competition committee selected the best professionals among workers and crews.

In the "Best Crew" category, honorary diplomas were delivered to Andrey Vasilyev, foreman of St. Petersburg Water Supply, and Sergey Isayev, foreman of St. Petersburg Wastewater Disposal.

In the nomination "Best Professional", diplomas were delivered to Alexey Shcherbin, grade 6 excavator driver, and Yuri Shchirov, 1st class car driver, from Vodokanal’s Transport and Logistics, to Anna Suvorova, grade 4 pump operator, St. Petersburg Water Supply, and to Vladimir Vasiliev, grade 6 service technician, St. Petersburg Wastewater Disposal. One of the nominees was Vitaly Gordienko, grade 6 electric gas welder, St. Petersburg Water Supply, who had won the "Best Welder 2020" Contest.

Moreover, the competition organizers commended the efforts of Sergey Salin, deputy manager of the Special Vehicles Facility No. 2, Transport and Logistics, who had formulated the competition tasks.

Vladislav Kalinin, Senior Specialist, St. Petersburg Water Supply, received diploma in the nomination "Construction Sector Veteran of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region". He has been with Vodokanal for over 50 years working his way up from foreman to head of department.

The labor dynasty of Lydia Korovyakova, whose total experience is almost 150 years, was commended in the nomination "Best labor dynasty of construction sector in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region." Lydia has worked with Vodokanal for 42 years. At the award ceremony, she was also handed a letter of thanks from the City Administration’s Construction Committee for her long service and commitment to traditions of mentorship.

The official ceremony brought together contestants from St. Petersburg, heads of construction companies, government officials and members of public organizations. The event was organized on the initiative of the National Association of Builders and supported by the Government of St. Petersburg, the Construction Committee, and the Trade Union of Builders of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.


Such competitions have been held in St. Petersburg since 2010 with the support of the City Government and the Trade Union of the City Builders. The purpose of the events is to raise the prestige of blue-collar occupations, improve workmanship and provide career guidance to young people. Vodokanal workers participate in the competition every year, winning prizes regularly. Based on the competition outcomes, the jubilee catalog "Working people in the St. Petersburg Construction Sector" will be published, to list all workers and companies - active participants of the project.