Start of ECOgames 2017 at 56, Shpalernaya st.


The official launch of municipal inter-museum project “Petersburg ECOgames 2017” (ECOgames in short) took place at Vodokanal’s Information and Training Centre. The project presentation and the first game program of the Water Museum were organized at the Youth Environmental Centre (YEC).

Officials of the St. Petersburg Committee for Nature Use, Environment Protection and Ecological Safety and St. Petersburg Education Committee, project partners (the city’s museums and environmental centres), and St. Petersburg school students met at 56, Shpalernaya st.

Dmitriy Krutoy, Manager of Hazardous Waste Sector at the Committee for Nature Use, Environment Protection and Ecological Safety, said that the Petersburg ECOgames 2017 Project is unique. For the first time ever, all environment-related museums in St. Petersburg act together. According to Dmitriy Krutoy, it is quite possible that, after participation in the project, some of the children will devote their lives to ecology and choose a career in relation to environmental safety.

The “Do You Believe That..?” quiz was held for school students by the YEC specialists. Each project partner prepared its own question. For example, Krestovskiy Ostrov Environmental and Biological Centre asked: do you believe that a one meter long predatory fish that can do without food for a month lives in the Centre basement? (Yes, it is a lungfish). The Zoological Museum urged everyone to think whether mammoths could re-emerge and where they would settle.

Additionally, the kids experimented with water and dry ice, and made acquaintance with the dwellers of the petting zoo: giant snail and exotic cockroaches.

To finalize the official part of the project launch, each school team (the opening ceremony was attended by 13 Petersburg schools, all in all) was given an itinerary sheet. The first note - that of visit to the program at the Water Museum - was made in the sheet at once: a game program was held at YEC. The kids watched a film about the Baltic Sea and its inhabitants in a 3D cinema hall, piloted a virtual ship along a sea route using a gaming table equipped with a touch panel, and pieced together a Baltic Sea Region jigsaw puzzle. The young guests checked their newly acquired knowledge by means of an electronic quiz.

It should be reminded that organized groups of 2-8-year school students and families are invited to participate in the Petersburg ECOgames 2017 Project. Each of the eleven museums and environmental centres has prepared its own game program. Visit the Water Museum website, section “Petersburg ECOgames 2017 for more details about the conditions, duration and cost of participation in the programs ( Do the following to become a participant:

  1. Choose several museums and environmental centres you would like to visit.
  2. Call the specified phone numbers to register to the programs.
  3. Get a note in your itinerary sheet upon joining a special excursion.
  4. In September – October 2017, register for participation in the project final (as an option).
  5. Participate in the project final, ECOtournament, in January 2018. Notes of your visits to the museums and environmental centres in the framework of the project will be converted into scores.

The Petersburg ECOgames 2017 Project initiator is SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" Information and Training Centre.

The project is timed to coincide with the Year of the Environment in Russia and will last till 25 December 2017. The project final will take place in January 2018.

For reference:

The ECOgames Project participants will be as follows:

  1. SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" Universe of Water Museum Complex and the Youth Environmental Centre;
  2. Krestovskiy Ostrov Environmental and Biological Centre);
  3. Nuclear Energy Information Centre;
  4. Baltic Fund for Nature (SPb CPO “Biologists for Nature Conservation”);
  5. Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum;
  6. Central Soil Science Museum named after V.V. Dokuchayev;
  7. Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  8. “Petrovskaya Aquatoria” Miniature Museum;
  9. Peter the Great’s Botanical Garden;

10.  “Planet Neptune” Oceanarium;

11.  Leningradskiy Zoo.


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