Sewers Reconstruction and Sewer Collector Construction on Petrovsky island Starts in 2021


SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” plans to start construction of a sewer collector on Petrovsky Island, as well as reconstruction of sewerage networks and rechanneling of direct discharges to the Zhdanovka and Malaya Neva rivers to wastewater treatment facilities, following to the design and survey completion in October 2021.

Large-scale construction and reconstruction of networks will enable connecting new facilities, including social infrastructure facilities constructed by the developers of Petrovsky Island. In addition, wastewater, which was previously directly discharged into the Zhdanovka and the Malaya Neva, will be directed to the Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant for a full treatment cycle. In total, it is planned to reroute to treatment facilities and shut down 17 direct discharges.

The project is currently at the design and survey stage. The plan and profile of the sewer collector with the sewerage networks from the developing areas have already been elaborated, developers approvals have been obtained, process solutions have been developed and engineering surveys have been carried out.

The work involves construction of a sewer collector with an inner diameter of 800 to 1,500 mm with a total length of almost 1,900 m and a depth of up to 13.2 m. It is planned to lay networks with a length of almost 2,400 m and a diameter of up to 800 mm. Constructors will arrange 11 sewerage chambers, including emergency overflow chambers in the alignment of Petrovskaya Spit and Petrovsky Prospekt.

These works will be carried out in the historical built-up area, and in the direct proximity of cultural heritage sites of federal and regional significance:

- V. Goth ropery partnership complex of buildings;

- V. Goth mansion;

- Petrovsky Park.

The Vodokanal’s contractor receives the necessary approvals from the Committee on State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks within the cultural heritage sites preservation framework.

Petrovsky Island has its own peculiarities, and it is not possible to choose an alternative route of the projected networks, excluding the location of chambers on the roadway, due to its territorial isolation.

Throughout the construction period, the contractor will coordinate the approval of the following traffic restrictions:

- one-way traffic towards Krestovsky Island;

- one-way bus route No. 14 towards Krestovsky Island;

- temporary abandonment of the trolleybus route No. 7 on Petrovsky Island;

- restricting the traffic from Petrovskaya Square towards the St.Petersburg River Yacht Club of Trade Unions.

It is planned to receive a positive opinion on the design documentation and the results of engineering surveys from SPb GAU “State Expert Appraisal Center” by November 1st. Completion of the collector construction and customers connection are scheduled for December 2022.


Until recently, a significant part of Petrovsky Island was occupied by industrial enterprises, and a small number of nearby residential buildings were dormitories for these companies’ workers. Historically, there was no centralized wastewater disposal system on Petrovsky Island, and wastewater from industrial sites was discharged untreated into the water area of the Malaya Neva and Zhdanovka rivers through direct discharges.

In 2019, Vodokanal of St.Petersburg took the wastewater disposal challenge of Petrovsky Island under special control. In the second half of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 period, the Company put a lot of effort: carried out an analysis of the connection applications from developers, arranged numerous meetings with representatives of the city government and developer companies regarding wastewater disposal of Petrovsky Island, which resulted in decision to finance the collector construction from various sources.