Project “Gulf of Finland Year” is completed, but cooperation continues


Today, he results of the Gulf of Finland Year Project were summarized at the Forum in St.Petersburg. The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation S.E Donskoy, the Governor of St. Petersburg G.S. Poltavchenko, the Governor of Leningrad Region A. Yu. Drozdenko, the Director General of SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” F.V. Karmazinov and representatives of Finland and Estonia participated in the Forum.    

In his speech devoted to the completion of the Gulf of Finland Year Project G.S. Poltavchenko mentioned that the work targeted to the protection of the environment has been implemented in St.Petersburg over a number of years. The Governor put special emphasis on the role of Vodokanal St.Petersburg in that work and named the company a strategic partner of the city.  

One of the most important events under the Gulf of Finland Year Project, according to G.S. Poltavchenko, is the opening of the Centre for the Study and Preservation of Sea Animals in Repino.   

The Governor underlined that the city is interested in engaging as many city-dwellers as possible to the environmental activities and awareness-building events.

Incidentally, the Forum dedicated to the completion of the Gulf of Finland Year Project was opened with the welcoming presentation of Vodokanal’s Youth Environmental Centre.

Other Forum participants also spoke about the importance of awareness-building activities, especially - work with the youth and kids.

“When the youth understand that our words about the Gulf of Finland and the documents related to the Gulf of Finland convert into practical doings aimed at the enhancement of the water body, they swing into action with all their hearts”, - explained the success of the awareness-building activities the Director General of SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” F.V. Karmazinov. According to F.V. Karmazinov, many actions in Vodokanal’s investment programme up to 2025 are directly related to rehabilitation of the Gulf of Finland. In particular, not only municipal sewage, but also rainwater will be 100 % treated.

Commenting on the results of the Gulf of Finland Year, all forum participants emphasized that the cooperation would not stop. It is also mentioned in the joint declaration adopted at the Forum: among other things, the need to “continue cooperation in a trilateral format to fulfil national and international commitments in relation to the protection of marine environment of the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea” is recognized.

Furthermore, the joint declaration contains an expression of gratitude to scientific institutions in Russia, Finland and Estonia, non-governmental public organizations and business circles for their support to the projects aimed at environmental education and public awareness-raising.

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