On the Eve of World Toilet Day Vodokanal presents “The Toilet Map”


On the eve of World Toilet Day that is observed on 19 November, a special service – The Toilet Map - appeared on the Vodokanal web-site. All public toilets operated by Vodokanal St. Petersburg are marked on this interactive map.

All toilets operated by Vodokanal St. Petersburg are marked on the map.  Next to each toilet the following information is specified: the type (module or permanent), if it works only in summer or year-round, the opening hours.

You can make Search by entering a specific address or just a street to find out where the nearest toilets are located.

The new toilet map is placed on the Vodokanal St. Petersburg web-site in the Sewerage/Toilets Section:


It should be reminded that the city began to hand over toilets for Vodokanal’s operation in 2001.

Vodokanal St. Petersburg is the largest (but not the only) company in the city that operates public toilets.

Currently, Vodokanal is in charge of 737 public toilets. They are 215 permanent, 137 networkable modular, 33 modular toilets with storage containers to be installed in gardens and parks, 20 mobile sanitary and hygienic complexes and 332 mobile cabins and urinal-type toilets. At present, 613 toilets are in operation (the rest are being prepared for reconstruction).

If in 2005 one sanitary unit operated by Vodokanal accounted for 31,724 people, in 2014 this number reduced to   6,511 people.  However, Vodokanal is responsible for not all public toilets in St. Petersburg:  besides it, commercial organizations operate public toilets, as well as  trade centers should  obligatory have  public toilets.

On 17 June, 2014 the Government of St. Petersburg adopted the Resolution No. №487 “On the State Programme of St. Petersburg “Improvement and Environment Protection in St. Petersburg” for the years 2015-2020”. According to this document, Vodokanal is to reconstruct 42 permanent toilets and overhaul 41 permanent toilets up to 2020. Within this period of time it is also planned to purchase 250 toilet cabins, 14 mobile sanitary and hygienic complexes and connect to utilities 20 module toilets.

In 2014, four permanent toilets started their operation after overhaul. They are located at the addresses: 33/8 Kuibysheva str,; 47 Piskarevsky pr.; Block 1, 13 Vavilovykh str.; 2 Torzhkovaya str.


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