Model United Nations Conference in SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg"


22nd Model United Nations Conference took place at 56 Shpalernaya Street on 27-28 March 2018.

This conference has been held in the premises of SUE “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg” for several years. The synthesis of a scientific conference and a role-playing game gives students an opportunity to imitate the UN operation, to acquire diplomatic, leadership, oratorical and language skills, to learn how to come to a compromise.

School students from different countries were divided into eight Committees which adopted resolutions. They discussed extremism problems, political settlement of Syria conflict, need for international relations relief, natural resources and cultural heritage protection and other contemporary issues.

One of the main conference topics was protection of natural resources including water. The section "Baltic Sea is our common home" was hosted by the Youth Environmental Center. Environmental education of children and the youth is one of Vodokanal’s priorities.

School students study the United Nations history, regulations, structure, main activities, they learn the socio-political vocabulary and the parliamentary procedures in order to be prepared for annual conferences. The conference language is English.

This year, students from Great Britain, Bosnia, Italy, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Turkey, Veliky Novgorod and St. Petersburg (Russia) were among the conference guests (330 participants totally).

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