Kroshik is raven-black again


Everyone’s favourite and one of the most popular persons in St. Petersburg, the ringed seal pup Kroshik, has finished the spring shedding and is raven-black again.

During nearly one month, Kroshik ate very little and hardly swam at all, changing its chocolate-brown hair for a new coal-black attire with light-coloured, ring-shaped patches. However, it’s all over now and Kroshik is awaiting relocation to the open-air pond.

In general, this spring is more favorable to seals than those in the previous years: the parameters of ice cover areas in the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga are near normal. Therefore, no cases where seal pups flow away from their mothers on drifting ice floes have been recorded yet.

So, while there are no new nurslings in Vodokanal’s seal center, the specialists are developing new projects to be announced in the nearest future. 

If you find a seal pup on the shore, call 699-23-99. Do not try to help the animal on your own!

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