Guests from Cyprus like visiting Vodokanal


12 May Vodokanal’s Information and Training Center hosted a round-table meeting with participation of Vodokanal experts and members of Limassol City Council (Republic of Cyprus) headed by Andreas Christu, Limassol Mayor.

In the course of the meeting, the participants shared their experience in water supply and wastewater disposal and discussed possible options for collaboration. 

Pavel B. Mikhailov, Director for Personnel and Information Policy, told the guests about the implemented water projects including the technologies of integrated disinfection of drinking water (using sodium hypochlorite and UV), enhanced nutrients removal from wastewater, establishment of the automated water supply management system. Members of Limassol Delegation were especially interested in the issues of SIP operation and possibilities of ash utilization. They plan to build similar sludge incineration plants in Limassol.      

Other reports of the meeting were dedicated to the Water Academy and Water Cluster in St.Petersburg. It should be recalled that the Water Cluster consists of three segments: industrial, technological and educational. The Water Academy is related to the educational segment.  

The members of Limassol Delegation spoke about Limassol water supply and wastewater disposal system. They mentioned that the length of their municipal water supply network is only 7 times less than that of St.Petersburg network, but its capacity is almost 40 times lower.  The experts think it is because of a big city area (the population amounts to about 170,000 people) and low-rise houses.  Guests from the Republic of Cyprus told that    95% of Limassol treated effluent is used for irrigation. It should be mentioned, that St.Petersburg discharges treated effluent into the Gulf of Finland.

The Delegation participants explained that Limassol has the Water Museum too and pays great attention to the environmental education of the youth like St.Petersburg. Limassol colleagues mentioned that fresh water is a very rare and precious resource for the Mediterranean, and its importance is increasing each year due to the climate changes.   

To appraise the achievements of St.Petersburg Vodokanal in terms of environmental education, the Delegation participants paid a visit to the Youth Environmental Center (YEC) and the Universe of Water Museum. The guests left feedback on YEC message board saying: “Congratulations for the excellent pedagogical and ecological work!” 

By the way, it is not the first visit of Limassol Delegation to Vodokanal. In March of 2015, the Delegation of Limassol City Council headed by   Andreas Christu, Limassol Mayor visited St.Petersburg and met with Felix Karmazinov, Director General of SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg”.

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