A one-and-a-half-meters mattress causes sewer blockage


On 4 January, the workers of SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" eliminated failure in a residential building caused by a mattress stuck in the pipe.

In the New Year holidays, residents of Frunzensky District reported flooding of the basement in the building in 35/28  Zagrebskiy Boulevard. Having arrived at the scene of the incident, the emergency crew of the St. Petersburg Wastewater Disposal Branch found that the flooding was caused by a blockage in a 300mm sewer pipe. It turned out that an approx. 1.5m long teenager’s mattress had got stuck there.

SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" would like to remind that the sewerage is not a garbage chute. Any foreign objects flushed down the toilet may lead to local blockages and wastewater outflows.

Under the  RF Government Decree of 12.11.2016 No. 1156 “On managing municipal solid waste and amending the  RF Government Decree of August 25, 2008, No. 641”, bulky waste should be disposed to trash container sites, from where it will be taken to a landfill by the transport operator.