The first patient of the Baltic Ringed Seal Friends Fund, the seal Valday, returns to the Gulf of Finland

Today, on 16 May, Vodokanal’s Marine Mammals Research and Conservation Centre is celebrating the season’s first “leaving party”. The male Baltic grey seal Valday has returned into the wild. The pinniped was released into the Gulf of Finland in the Leningrad Region Vyborgskiy District.

Water Cluster participates in II St. Petersburg International Cluster Conference

Today, on 12 May, the Water Cluster specialists participated in the roundtable “Ecological footprint in the implementation of cluster and intercluster projects aimed at increasing efficiency and energy saving” held in the framework of II St. Petersburg International Cluster Conference at the Import Substitution and Localisation Center.

Vodokanal participates in the meeting of the Helcom Working Group

Vodokanal participated in the sixth Meeting of the Working Group of the Helsinki Commission for Baltic Marine Environment Protection (HELCOM). The event was held in St. Petersburg from 25 to 27 April. The theme of the meeting is Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment Area.

Vodokanal participates in the International Workshop under BRICS City Partnership

Specialists of SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" became participants of the International Workshop on the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) City Partnership for Environmental Sustainability. The event takes place from 25 to 26 April in the Chinese city of Tianjin.

Snow-melting stations and snow collection points shut down till the next season

SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" has evaluated the performance of permanent snow-melting stations (PSMS) and permanent technically equipped snow collection points (SCP) in the winter season 2016-2017.

Seal from Chernaya Lakhta is healing up

The first patient of Vodokanal’s Marine Mammals Research and Conservation Centre, the grey seal brought for rehabilitation from the village of Chernaya Lakhta on 29 March, has gained strength and got the name Valday.

Water Cluster took part in the Aquatherm St. Petersburg 2017 International Exhibition

Today, on April 19th, Aquatherm St.Petersburg 2017 specialized exhibition of equipment for heating, water supply, ventilation, air conditioning for residential, commercial and industrial facilities, as well as equipment and technologies for swimming pools in the North-West of Russia was inaugurated in the “Expoforum” exhibition center.

The Russian-German project “ECOvision» launched in YEC

The sixth Russian-German project "ECOvision" was launched in the Youth Environmental Center (YEC). In the course of the project, school students from St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region will learn how to create videofilms on current environmental issues. The motto of the project in 2017 is "Solutions that inspire us!".

Prospects for future development of water and sewerage systems were discussed at the Northern Dimension Forum

Today, April 6, Vodokanal representatives participated at the Eighth Northern Dimension Forum held in St.Petersburg and organized by the Northern Dimension Business Council and the Association of European Business.  

Vodokanal signed Memorandum of Understanding with Harbin Water Supply Corporation

Today, April 5, SUE “Vodokanal of St.Petersburg” and Harbin Water Supply Corporation signed the Memorandum of Understanding”  at the International Forum “Ecology of the Big City”. In the frames of the Memorandum, St.Petersburg and Harbin companies will share technical expertise in the field of water supply. 

Start of ECOgames 2017 at 56, Shpalernaya st.

The official launch of municipal inter-museum project “Petersburg ECOgames 2017” (ECOgames in short) took place at Vodokanal’s Information and Training Centre. The project presentation and the first game program of the Water Museum were organized at the Youth Environmental Centre (YEC).

Vodokanal participated in the XIX International Ecological Congress "ATMOSPHERE - 2017"

Vodokanal specialists took part in the plenary session of the XIX International Ecological Congress "ATMOSPHERE - 2017". The congress is timed to coincide with the Year of Ecology in Russia and is held in St. Petersburg from March 16 to 17.

More than 200 participants of the social poster contest declare their love for water

200 works have been already represented within the framework of the social poster contest “Water, I love you”.

“St.Petersburg Arena” stadium is fully provided with water supply and sewerage services

Exactly one hundred days remain before the first match of the FIFA Confederations Cup in St.Petersburg. The stadium on the Krestovsky Island today is fully provided with water supply and sewerage services.

Moody's upgraded the rating of SUE “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”

International rating agency Moody's Investors Service confirmed the rating of SUE "Vodokanal of St. Petersburg" at the level of "Ba2". The forecast is “stable”.

Section dedicated to the Year of the Environment is added to Da-Voda Internet portal

Now, the awareness-raising Internet portal Da-Voda ( created and maintained by Vodokanal St. Petersburg has a special section dedicated to the Year of the Environment  – 

A new snow-melting station located in Shkiperskiy Protok str. was commissioned

On 2 February 2017, a permanent snow-melting station (PSMS) was officially commissioned in Sector 27 in Shkiperskiy  Protok str.  Its capacity is 7,000 m3 of snow per day.

Seal pup Kroshik learns foraging skills

The Ladoga ringed seal pup Kroshik now taking a rehabilitation course at Vodokanal’s Marine Mammals Research and Conservation Centre has learned to take fish out of water. This skill will help the animal return to its natural habitat.

Specialists of the Marine Mammals Research and Conservation Centre participate in the construction of shelters for Saimaa ringed seals

For the purpose of preparing for implementation of the Ringed Seal’s House Project, the specialists of the Marine Mammals Research and Conservation Centre located at the premises of Vodokanal St. Petersburg in Repino, paid a visit to Finland where they took part in the construction of artificial shelters for Saimaa ringed seals.

World Heritage of Greece and Russia Festival in 56 Shpalernaya

Today, on 23 January, the regional festival “World Heritage of Russia and Greece” took place in the territory of the Information and Training Center of Vodokanal. The festival summed up the results of 2016 – the cross-year for Russia and Greece.