Snow-melting stations

Construction and operation of permanent snow-melting stations (SMS) – a new area of Vodokanal’s activities.

Permanent snow-melting station includes:

- macerators (where dump trucks unload snow),

- underground snow-melting chamber (where snow melts),

- units for collecting floating waste,

- grit removals (where grit is settled),

- macerator control panel,

- automated process control system (pump mode control to adjust water flows).

  • Permanent snow-melting station on Oktyabrskaya embankment

  • Before to get into the snow-melting chamber snow is crushed on special macerators.

The principle of SMS operation is based on the fact that wastewater heat (the middle temperature of wastewater even in winter is 16 – 180C) makes it possible to melt snow falling into snow-melting chambers. Produced melt-water is transported through collectors to wastewater treatment plants to be fully treated.

Thus, snow disposal at snow-melting stations allows to significantly low the adverse impact on the environment.

A snow-melting station operates  as follows. A dump truck arrives at the SMS site, unloads snow on special macerators to crush it. Macerators remove coarse litter as well. Then snow is transported to the snow-melting chamber where it melts by wastewater heat. Produced melt-water goes through grit removals - where grit is settled to the bottom by gravity. Due to it no silting occurs in sewage collectors, where wastewater arrives from snow-melting chambers. Floating waste is collected by special devices; later this waste is discharged into containers and disposed.   

To melt 1 cubic meter of snow 5 cubic meters of wastewater is needed.

No additional energy is required, electric energy is needed only to provide macerator and pump station operation.

Ten tons of snow (that is the content of one KAMAZ with high sides) is processed in the snow-melting chamber on average for 3 minutes.


Concluding contracts for receiving and processing of snow

Report on the snow received for 2012-2013