Rehabilitation season 2014

In 2014, due to an abnormal warm winter the rehabilitation season started earlier. On 14 March, the first patient – a female grey seal - was brought to the Pinnipedian Rehabilitation Centre. On March 15 and March 17, rehabilitation actions were organized for two grey seal pups – a newborn male and a female. On 20 March, one more patient – a male grey seal (it was very underweight) – was brought to the Pinnipedian Rehabilitation Centre. On 21 and 22 March, three new patients –two female grey seals and one male grey seal (all of them were very underweight) – were taken for rehabilitation. The eighth patient – the Baltic ringed seal – was brought to the center on 24 March.

On 25 March, three grey seal pups and one Baltic ringed seal were brought for rehabilitation.

On 26 March, one more baby seal was delivered to the Rehabilitation Station; it was found by workers of the Bronka port, which is under construction now. On 27 March, another patient arrived to the Centre – a Baltic ringed seal. On 28 March, a grey seal pup was delivered to the Centre, as well as a Baltic ringed seal - it was found on the dam in Kronstadt.  

During the weekends - 29-30 March – five grey seal pups were brought to Repino, and on 31 March –two more pups.

On 2 April, another two grey seal pups were delivered to the Rehabilitation Centre.  

On 4 April, a little female Baltic ringed seal was brought to be treated to the Rehabilitation Centre; it weighted only    7.2 kg.

On 15 April, a male Baltic ringed seal was brought to Repino. It became the twenty-eighth patient. The pup was found by Kronstadt navy sailors on one of the Central harbor (Srednyaya Gavan) piers.

On 28 April, a male Baltic grey seal was delivered to Repino. The pup was found on the gulf shore in Sosnovy Bor.

The first release of pinnipeds into the wild took place on May 3 in the Pinnipedian Rehabilitation Centre. The Baltic grey seal pup was released to the Gulf of Finland in Kurgalsky wildlife reserve. The second release to the wild was arranged on May 30 in the same place.  Two Baltic grey seal females were release into the wild: one of the seal females is named Aurora, the other has an unusual name – 34.

On 25 June the biggest release of the patients of Vodokanal’s Pinnipedian Rehabilitation Centre took place. Ten Baltic grey seals were released into the wild after successful treatment.  The names of the seal pups are Totleben,  Izhorik, Sestroretsk, Pogranichnik, Spasatel, the 22nd, Neva, Bjorke, Dudergofochka and Finemor. The name of Finemor was created as a result of a contest among Vodokanal employees. The voting determined the winner – the name of Finemor - that is the contracted form of the notion “The Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea”. This idea   had originated with Lisa Vinogradova, daughter of Vodokanal employee, who also participated in the releasing event.  The rehabilitated seal pups went into the Gulf of Finland, to the coast of Kurgalsky peninsula.  

On 1 July, one more patient of the Rehabilitation Centre (the fourteenth in succession) was released back into the wild. It is a female grey seal named Lebyazhka which was admitted for rehabilitation on 20 March.

On 10 July, the 5th release of seals after graduating from the Rehabilitation Centre happened. Eight grey seals (Kruzenstern, Vyborg (Viipuri), Rif, V-2, Bianli, Luga, Barabulka) went back into the wild.

On 13 July, 2014, the male Ladoga ringed seal  Mekörikkö VI  was released back into the wild in  the skerries area of the Ladoga Lake,  the Leningrad Region.   

On 16 July, the last release of the 2014 season took place. Six animals were freed on the island of the Gulf of Finland.  These are the last puppy Begemotik and five Baltic ringed seals: four females - Little Pirlipat, Little Hange, Sista and  Peypiya, and  only one male in this year - Kotlin.